The internationalist Proletarian 12 - october 2023

The historical cycle of the degeneration of the Third International

The opportunism of yesterday's and today's "barbarists"

Monetary capering of inflation, dead weight of overproduction

The competitive struggle is developing in all direction

The imperialism of the anti-imperialists

Trade war leads to military war

Life of the Party

The only mental health in capitalism: a permanent internal rebellion against the bourgeoisie


The Internationalist Proletarian 11 - april 2023

Organic centralism: a vital question (IV)

Central banks: marionettes under the control of more powerful forces

The commodity labor force

Energy price convulsions

Gradual deflation of the supply chain

Chinese push in trade war overwhelms US tariff defense attempt

A cardinal point of the communist program: The elimination of the anarchy of mercantile production

The only alternative to capitalist war is world communist revolution

Stitched with Mussolini’s model

Municipalities and socialism


The Internationalist Proletarian 10 - September 2022

Organic centralism: a vital question (III)

Picking up the thread

Manifestation of the crisis at the financial level

Evolution of tensions in the supply chain

Energy sources and capitalism

The struggle of competition on the global board

Development of military effervescence as a reflection of the trade war

Against all the holy alliances of the world bourgeoisie

Chinese capitalism does not escape the crisis of overproduction

Integrations and disintegrations of the European imperialist union

Cracks and fractures within the US


The Internationalist Proletarian 9 - April 2022

Organic centralism: a vital question (II)

Against militarization and social control measures

Material and historical causes of current military conflicts

Rales and spasms of the capitalist mercantile circulation

Development of capital overproduction

World military effervescence

War in Ukraine and the economic "sanctions"

Against the imperialist war, revolutionary defeatism!

Chinese imperialism penetration in Latin-America

Spanish labor reform: a smokescreen

Class struggle and "bosses' offensives"


The Internationalist Proletarian 8 - December 2021

Organic centralism: a vital question (I)

U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan 

Immigration as a weapon of war

Colombia: the matchstick and the boiling water

Venezuela: parliamentarism drives the working class like cattle to the slaughterhouse

Evolution of the largest 500 companies in Latin America

The overproduction crisis leads to imperialist war

With the PSOE-Unidas Podemos government the Spanish bourgeoisie remains at the forefront of world exploitation

The rise and fall of bourgeois civilization (1951)


The Internationalist Proletarian 7 - July 2021

Structural supply shortage or tsunami preparation?

The Suez blockage and the competition between trade routes

The imperialist tensions in the middle east flare up in Gaza

U.S. periplus to form an alliance against China

The U.S. tries a reedition of the new deal

The only true struggle against fascism is the struggle against the capitalist regime


The Internationalist Proletarian 6 - March 2021

Development of the economic force relations of imperialism

Deflation sets in while speculative swelling grows

Chinese imperialism fills the void left by American imperialism

Replacement of puppets in the USA, causes and consequences

Imperialist clashes in Europe

The State at the service of capital: Venezuela

An uncorrupted motto that transcends generations 'of the dead, the living and the yet to be born'


The Internationalist Proletarian 5 - September 2020

The real virus is capitalism

Financial capital, oil and trade war

Social control and repression

USA maintains its dynamic of progressive isolation

Brexit and European imperialist integration

The course of capitalism and crisis

Venezuela: the virus the proletariat fears is not Covid-19... but hunger

The false resource of activism

The program of the Party


The Internationalist Proletarian 4 - January 2020

Maoism is just the expression of the Chinese bourgeois revolution and the proletarian counterrevolution: the recent case of Jasic Technology in Shenzhen

Deflation is a product of the overproduction of capital and merchandises

The culprit of the destruction of the environment is capitalism

Communist organization and discipline

Program of the International Communist Party


The Internationalist Proletarian 3 - December 2016

Introduction to “The Internationalist Proletarian” #3

World imperialism course : evolution of first banks and global enterprises (El Comunista issue 57, May 2016)

Venezuela, economic and political causes of the current inflationary situation thatpushes the salaried slaves and the petty bourgeoisie to poverty and hopelessness (El Comunista issue 54, May 2014)

Ukraine, battleground between Western imperialism and Russian imperialism (El Comunista issue 54, May 2014)

Against interclassism in the “woman’s question” (II) (El Comunista issue 57, May 2016)

The historical invariance of Marxism (May 1953)

Program of the Party (1951)

The Internationalist Proletarian 2 - May 2011

The tendency within the last 50-100 years includes the multiplication of the number of proletarians, or the capitalism has gone beyon, at least, its inherent contradictions producing social-economic equality and security for thr future to all the citizens together?

The democratic Principle

Program of the Party


The Internationalist Proletarian 1 - February 2009

Introduction to “The Internationalist Proletarian”

The capitalist overproduction crisis has exploded. Which are its causes? Which are its effects and its alternatives?

Setting down our approach (Tracciato d’impostazione)

Program of the party