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Workers of the world, unite!




The NATO summit is being held at this time in Madrid. Undoubtedly, a summit of criminals and murderers, the summit of a world bourgeois terrorist organization. And this summit is being held with a government in the Spanish State of false "socialists" and "communists" who are nothing more than the most fervent lackeys and defenders of the capitalist system, its best managers. We must denounce, destroy and pass over this false socialism and false communism, we must recover Marxism.

The crisis is advancing and Western imperialism is rearming so as to try to contain and confront its competitors. The exploited proletariat in the NATO countries must desire the defeat of its own imperialist country and act accordingly. This is the only internationalist position, REVOLUTIONARY DEFEATISM: A revolutionary class cannot but wish for the defeat of its government in a reactionary war (…) Socialists must explain to the masses that they have no other road of salvation except the revolutionary overthrow of “their” governments.” (Socialism and War, Lenin, 1915).

A part of opportunism would like to make us choose between the USA, the EU, Russia, China, Iran, etc. We must reject this trap, which is the same as always. The Western bourgeoisie is not the only one to intervene militarily throughout the world by means of regular troops, mercenaries and hired assassins. The lesson of 1871, when Prussia unleashed the French army to massacre the Paris Commune, is valid today worldwide: all the armies of the world are confederated against the proletariat.

Just as in the heart of every petty bourgeois beats the ambition and greed of big capital, in the heart of all the anti-imperialist bourgeoisies of yesterday beats the imperialist ambition and greed of their colonialist oppressors of yesterday. This does not lessen the necessary and bourgeois (not proletarian) revolutionary character of the anti-colonial revolutions that had to break, along with the local pre-capitalist obstacles, the straitjacket that tried to sew the previously arrived imperialisms: Spain, England, France and ... USA. But it would be a supine blindness and a betrayal of Marxism not to see that the areas that were the scene of this bourgeois anti-colonial struggle are now an integral part of the world market and that the bourgeoisies that dominate in them play a role of their own in the war for the domination of the world market and the sharing out of the exploitation of the world proletariat.

Our position: “(…) picture to yourselves a slave-owner who owned 100 slaves warring against a slave-owner who owned 200 slaves for a more “just” distribution of slaves. Clearly, the application of the term “defensive” war, or war “for the defense of the fatherland” in such a case would be historically false, and in practice would be sheer deception of the common people, of philistines, of ignorant people, by the astute slaveowners. (…) It is not the business of Socialists to help the younger and stronger robber to rob the older and overgorged robbers. Socialists must take advantage of the struggle between the robbers to overthrow them all.(Socialism and War, Lenin, 1915).

Just as the Holy Alliance tried to stop the bourgeois revolution with an international of absolutism, the capitalist world has founded after the Second World War its Internationals (UN, NATO, Aukus, CSTO, WB, IMF, IDB, etc.), to maintain its order against the uprising of the productive forces and against its future gravedigger, the proletariat.

In spite of the use of the democratic sweet-talk on a vast scale, the military victors of the second world slaughter are the testamentary executors of the social and economic content of fascism: integration of the world networks of capital into organizations that attempt the self-limitation and control of economic contradictions, integration of the trade union movement into the State apparatus to root out even the slightest impulse of immediate struggle, centralized organizations for repression and war. This development of capitalism already foreseen by Marx in Capital and explained by Lenin in Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism not only does not definitively attenuate the economic, political-military and social explosions, but prepares their outbreak with multiplied destructive and repressive potential.

The macabre game of opportunism consists in making the proletarian class believe that it cannot rise up to fight for its own historic program, that it cannot take a single step without supporting and submitting itself to this or another fraction of the bourgeoisie or petty bourgeoisie, without renting itself out as a pawn to this or another capitalist power against another considered worse.

This is the summary of today's and yesterday's opportunism: locally, always in tow of this or that interclassist social movement or democratic slogan; globally, always rented to this or that capitalist power against another supposedly worse one.

Faced with the development of the capitalist world that we have described, the movement of the proletarian class will only be able to resume its struggle if it understands that it cannot and must not mourn the outdated stage of liberal tolerance, of the sovereign independence of nations, but that history offers only one way to eliminate all exploitations, all tyrannies and oppressions: the path of revolutionary class action which, in any country whatsoever, aligns the working class against the local bourgeoisie, with complete class autonomy in political thought, organization and behavior, in combat action; uniting the forces of the proletarians of the whole world across the frontiers of all countries - in "peace" and in war - in a unitary organism whose action will not stop until the complete annihilation of the institutions of capitalism.



  • Rejection of all nationalism: "workers have no country".
  • Rejection of solidarity with “our” company business and with the "national" economy.
  • Revolutionary defeatism against the bourgeoisie itself in times of commercial or military war.
  • Joint and international organization of the proletarians of all languages in the International Communist Party for the communist revolution on a world scale.



INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST PARTY - "THE INTERNATIONALIST PROLETARIAN – June 2022 – pcielcomunista.org – @pcielcomunista

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