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Workers of the world, unite!




Communists and vaccination

The bourgeoisie of different countries is imposing the obligation of vaccinations against Covid-19 to be able to work (by law or by imposition of the companies) or limitations for those who do not take the vaccine.

The discovery in the 18th century that those who milked cows in the English countryside passed on a very faint form of smallpox that immunized them against (deadly) human smallpox led to the discovery - one hundred years later - of vaccination.  Through vaccination, diseases such as smallpox have been eliminated and, more generally, diseases such as measles, rubella, mumps and chickenpox are prevented. This is an achievement we have no intention of giving up.

In the past, diseases were said to come from the Jews, from a witch or from sin: in all three cases they were solved by lynching (pogrom), hanging or burning at the stake. Historically it was in fact a method of getting rid of the debts with the usurer and of expelling and expropriating the population of the countryside, used both by the feudal regime and by the bourgeois regime in conformation. The mechanism used to manage the population: FEAR.

In capitalism, the individual is intoxicated (of capitalism) and his spontaneous decision can very well go against his individual and class interest with serious harm to himself and to the rest of his class. The bourgeoisie takes great advantage of this while ideologically justifying its dictatorship, disguised as paternalism with or without democratic garlands. When the proletariat will have overthrown bourgeois power, this contradiction between individual spontaneous impulses and individual and collective self-interest, of the proletariat and of the human species, will persist for a period.

We as communists are not in the abstract against compulsory vaccination, although it is easy to see that in higher communism - with classes, private property, money abolished and the state extinct - there will be no need to force the population to adopt something that benefits it. In particular, the proletariat transitorily in power might have to impose compulsory vaccination and other measures if a contagious disease endangers human life and an effective vaccine is available. This would prevent the vaccinated from becoming infected, it would reduce the speed of contagion too, and thus indirectly it would protect the unvaccinated, etc.

But Marxism forces us to pose the question in its historical context and not in the abstract. Let us now speak of the present situation, fully in capitalism, remembering beforehand that: "People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be until they have learnt to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises." (The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism, Lenin, 1913).


SARS-COV-2 or Covid-19

Current year 2022, two years after the start of lockdowns due to a new virus (SARS-COV-2).

It is a member of a long-known family of viruses, the coronaviruses, of which 45 species are known, with 7 affecting humans, causing colds, bronchitis or pneumonia.

As for the origin of the virus, China publicly claims that the virus was produced by a US laboratory and the US publicly claims that it was produced in a Chinese one. Despite these cross accusations by the two major world capitalist powers, the explanation for mass consumption is that it comes from an animal. For what follows, the origin is irrelevant.

SARS-COV-2 caused viral pneumonia and - not so much because of the severity of the virus itself but because of insufficient Intensive Care Units (ICUs) - generated significant mortality in February-March-April 2020.

This mortality was multiplied by the deliberate confinement of the elderly in nursing homes - mass murder - and the use of treatments in hospitals which are no longer used because they are known to be harmful, at the same time that assisted respirations were performed poorly and with insufficient equipment.

It has also been said that the comparative difference in the volume of deaths with previous years would indicate that there has been an under-diagnosis and thus the bourgeoisie covers up the reality in which they condemn us to live: the increase in deaths is due to isolation, to the scarcity of resources of the population, to the drastic restriction of access to health care, to the generalization of diagnoses and medical attention by telephone, to the insufficiency of health means, to the increase in deaths due to suicide, etc. A devastating figure, in the Spanish state: "Every 11 minutes a person dies on the waiting list of dependency. A total of 43,381 people have died so far this year (130 a day) in this situation" (La Vanguardia, 16-12-2021). These real causes of increased mortality are covered under a cloak of silence and only one echo is heard: Covid, Covid, Covid....

SARS-COV-2 started out with the symptomatology of acute pneumonia and loss of smell, but all kinds of symptoms have been added along the way until it has become compatible with any thinkable one. We have got to the current situation where the most widespread variant has a completely different symptomatology from the original one, that two years ago we would have not hesitated to call flu or common cold, depending on the case.

All kinds of contradictory things have been said about SARS-COV-2: that it lasted for days suspended in the air or on surfaces, that it could generate fatal pneumonia or cause no symptoms at all at the same time, that it mutated more slowly than the common flu and that it does not stop mutating, that it was hyperbolically contagious but that it is normal for other people to live in the same house with a sick person and not become infected, that surgical masks were not useful and that those made of any fabric are sufficient, etc.


Vaccines for Covid-19

We have clarified before our position on vaccination in general. Now we are talking specifically about vaccines that have not followed the standard protocols of the official medical administration in their elaboration (publicly admitted), that are administered or prohibited according to commercial interests (Chinese and Russian vaccines are prohibited in Europe and US and Western vaccines are prohibited in China and Russia, to simplify), of which it is claimed at the same time that they prevent contagion but do not prevent you from infecting yourself or others (!), which, in front of the eyes of the whole world, have shown not to prevent contagion.

The Church of official medicine goes on television to reassure everyone: vaccines do not prevent contagion, but they make the symptoms milder. Amen. As we have just experienced a general outbreak of the last variant, it is easy to verify by direct observation that this is not even true.

The governments' solution is: more doses, more injections. What is the point of a vaccine that does not prevent you from infecting yourself or others and that - even if it did - is only supposed to do so for six months, three months and going down...? What has been demonstrated is that the vaccine leaves you out of the game for two days at best, that it can have adverse reactions, that it affects menstruation, causes thrombosis, etc. How many doses a year do they intend to inject us with to end up infecting us anyway?

But any similar reasoning hits a media wall and a wall in the healthcare system itself. This is not new. Official bourgeois medicine denies the labor origin of almost all the diseases we suffer as working class. They are diseases that derive from our jobs, but the official "science" denies that there can be any relation: for the health system all are previous or chronic degenerative diseases... which suits very well the pharmaceutical industry that obtains profits with the administration of its medicines that chronify the diseases (while the leading treatments are locked up by the criminal system of patents). It also perfectly suits the bourgeoisie in general that hides the results of its exploitation and avoids paying the indemnities and pensions that it should pay. The political-ideological position of official medicine is one: to deny at all costs the social origins of the vast majority of diseases and ailments suffered by the working class, labor and poor living and eating conditions.

If we drastically reduced the working day, the stress of not making ends meet and increased the quality of food (with enough nutrients and less toxic products), the diseases of the kind we are talking about would be drastically reduced by themselves. But this is incompatible with company profit and with capitalism itself, which is why their paid doctors have to maintain that there is another origin solved by their injections.


The pharmaceutical industry's big business

But... how can anyone dare to doubt that medical decisions are made according to strict medical criteria?

Let's see what the bourgeois press publishes: "Spanish doctors, the ones who receive most money from pharmaceutical companies. Fifteen of them exceeded 300,000 euros in three years in congresses and lectures. It is where the companies analyzed spend more: 268 million between 2017 and 2019, compared to 204 in Germany, 135 in Italy, 95.2 in the United Kingdom or 5.8 in Sweden. (...) The figures do not include payments for research and development. " (La Vanguardia, 28-12-2021).

Business is business and the pharmaceutical companies are making a FORTUNE: "Pharmaceutical companies will increase their revenues by 60% this year from vaccines. The combined turnover of the five Western manufacturers of the formula against Covid-19 will exceed 208 billion euros. It will fall slightly in 2022, pending another dose." (Expansion, 06-08-2021).

What is not profitable or lucrative is to multiply the ICUs by five or ten times, which is what should have been done. Two years later, hospital infrastructures are still deficient and have not been increased. It is more profitable to impose restrictive measures and social control measures on the population while injecting them with the tons of vaccines that have been and will be produced:

"Pharmaceutical companies produce about 11.2 billion Covid vaccines in a year. The global production capacity for all types of vaccines, which was just over 4 billion doses a year before the pandemic, has tripled just for those that combat this coronavirus." (Expansion, 14-01-2022).


Against militarization and social control

The degree of ARBITRARIETY in the measures imposed and of CONTRADICTION in the justifications given is fully explained as ideological preparation for war, and for the arbitrariness par excellence: MILITARY DISCIPLINE.

FEAR, today as yesterday, is the best way to make the population accept any arbitrariness: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature" (K. Marx). For this reason, the population has been bombarded for two years with unsustainable doses of alarmism and measures continue to be imposed that would not even have been introduced if the initial symptomatology had been the current one.

  • We oppose the use of the mass of the working class as guinea pigs for vaccine experimentation by pharmaceutical companies.
  • We oppose the establishment of snitching and ratting among the working class.
  • We oppose the confinements, house arrests and curfews as prelude to the open militarization of society.


While Covid-19 and its variants act as a SMOKESCREEN, in the subsoil and on the surface of capitalist society processes are developing which lead directly to the MILITARY CONFLICT in which the working class has the sole function of serving as cannon fodder.

The OVERPRODUCTION CRISIS has only worsened with the epileptic resumption of the global circulation of goods, the TRADE WAR continues to escalate and the various world imperialisms are positioning themselves and clashing indirectly or directly: Ethiopia, Yemen, Taiwan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc.

 Faced with this situation there is only one possible internationalist position, REVOLUTIONARY DEFEATISM: "You will be given a gun. Take it and learn the military art properly. The proletarians need this knowledge not to shoot your brothers, the workers of other countries, as is being done in the present war, and as the traitors to socialism are telling you to do. They need it to fight the bourgeoisie of their own country, to put an end to exploitation, poverty and war, and not by pious wishes, but by defeating and disarming the bourgeoisie." (The Military Program of the Proletarian Revolution, Lenin, 1916).





INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST PARTY - "THE INTERNATIONALIST PROLETARIAN" - January 2022 - pcielcomunista.org - @pcielcomunista

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