Workers of the world, unite!




The problems of pollution, increasing desertification, melting of the poles, etc. have been around for a while and continue to worsen. Recently a new VIRUS has come to the scene “from nowhere” with the curious capacity of choosing the dates (Chinese new year) and places (China, Iran, South Korea, Europe) which are most convenient to certain powers such as the USA, whose hegemony in the commercial world war goes unstoppably back (which does not mean that this may affect them also or turn against them).

It is impossible to not see behind this a manifestation of the economical clashes among several groups of the world bourgeoisie. However, in spite of these economical interests, THE DRAMATIC REALITY IS THAT CAPITALISM IS DESTROYING THE LIFE IN THE PLANET.

In the capitalist society, the motor principle and the ultimate purpose is GAIN, which is only obtained from the EXPLOITATION of salary work (and as long as private property, exchange of GOODS and money subsists we are in full capitalism).

Leaving aside the fact of whether the virus is provoked or has appeared spontaneously, as well as all the inconsistencies and contradictions of the official explanations: even in the official version, the problem is not the coronavirus itself, which has little effect in most part of the population. The PROBLEM is that the CRIMINAL POLICY of reduction of Healthcare resources results in the fact that in the Spanish state there are only 3.508 intensive care beds (plus 896 private such beds) while there are 47 million inhabitants, that in the Italian state there are only 5.090 intensive care beds while there are 60 million inhabitants, etc. That results in the fact that, even though it affects severely only a tiny minority in percentage, this minority overwhelms the ridiculously SMALL NUMBER OF AVAILABLE BEDS. The only CULPRIT of this situation is CAPITALISM which forces us to live over a huge powder barrel: overproduction and commercial war.

The spread of this and other viruses is facilitated by the concentration of the population. But… What makes us agglomerate in urban concentrations which are true environmental pollution bombs and for the propagation of diseases? The need of companies to have at their disposal a big mass of workforce to obtain PROFIT from it, together with the urge of this workforce to find a job wherever it may be found. That is, the exploitation of SALARY WORK by CAPITAL.

The capitalist States take measures of “QUARANTINE”, of “CONFINEMENT”, of ban of demonstrations and concentrations, of ban of displacements, etc. They rapidly impose the force of the State, decreeing the “state of Alarm”, and imposing the authority of their class State.

All of the sudden, thousands of workers see their contracts suspended or are FIRED, while other thousands (the majority of the workers with TEMPORARY CONTRACTS) lose their job. The State promises aids and to cover the unemployment benefits, but don’t let them fool us: with the general paralysis of the production and the whole left by the burst of the speculative capital, they will make the working class pay the restart of this CRISIS if we do not organize ourselves to face the Company owners.

In this society moved by GAIN there is always a BUSINESS behind the alleged “natural” catastrophes: pharmaceutic companies urging to enrich out of vaccines and patented treatments, supermarkets filling their pockets with the fear of the population, companies taking advantage to massively dismiss, etc.

This virus is also useful to cover the CRISIS OF OVERPRODUCTION. In such a way, the fall in the production and the price of oil (below 30$ the barrel) by its own overproduction which floods the world reserves can be silenced or referred to the coronavirus, the fall of the stock markets – the FINANCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL CRACK of the 1929 type – which was being prepared and matured ever since 2008 can be blamed to coronavirus and not to its real cause: THE MERCANITILE CAPITALIST SYSTEM. Over the last years, this sick system lives surrounded by the contradictions of the crisis of overproduction, with negative interest rates (the negation of the capitalist logic itself, paying to lend money…) and injecting money and more money produced from nothing (by making turn the bill-machine) as drug is injected to the ADDICT. This BUBBLE had to burst.  It was an open secret even for the economists who are most defendants of the capitalist system. This coronavirus has the amazing capacity of hitting also the right moment in this aspect.

Television repeats, one and a thousand times: the coronavirus issue affects “rich and poor” equally. Nothing more convenient for the bourgeoisie to convince the working class that we are all equal in front of God, the Law and, the Climate, and now… the CORONAVIRUS!

Do working class and bourgeois neighborhoods have the same conditions, perhaps? Or do maybe the viruses and diseases have the same effect on an exploited body as they have in a relaxed and healthy one? Or is it maybe the same health state and immunity system that of those who can afford quality food as that of those who have to eat whatever they can because the salary does not allow them more? Maybe, the quality of the food that the working-class buys is the same as that which may be afforded by the bourgeoisie? Or are we maybe subject to the same intoxication and dangers in our work places? Or do we, perhaps, have access to the same treatments and medicines?

But there is yet another, even bigger destruction: WAR. Capitalism has two World Wars on its back, with 15 million dead on the first, and 80 million on the second. The culminating work of the bourgeois civilization are the atomic bombs thrown over the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Ever since, the military power to destroy has only increased, but this is not the only thing which has changed. The capitalist system is immersed in a great relative crisis of OVERPRODUCTION of capitals which demands a DESTRUCTION of productive forces to relaunch another cycle of ACCUMULATION.

The distribution of the world which was made in Yalta and Potsdam after the Second World War has blown up and the USA are in continuous retreat, while they keep trying to trigger military conflicts around the globe, trying to trigger the Third World War while they can still think about winning it.

The commercial war is openly proclaimed and the rest of imperialist countries (EU, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, the two Koreas, etc.) are also taking positions and intervene with the military around the world to defend their economical interests. The insatiable thirst of gain of the capital leads to the various imperialistic powers to overcome whatever imaginable limit to continue their commercial war by other means.

Fellow workers, we have to murder capitalism before that it, with the development of wars, pestilences and lab or “natural” viruses, destroys human life on earth. Therefore, WE HAVE TO DESTROY CAPITALISM SO THAT IT DOES NOT DESTROY THE PLANET, and that requires the Marxist integral, INTERNATIONAL and COMMUNIST PARTY

This bourgeois world is sinking and threatens to drag us with it, we do not have patches or mends to apply to it, but a new society to live and fight for. And not a caricature of this one with changed names (like in Russia, China or Venezuela) but a truly communist society: without salaried work, without State, without crises or wars… in which “the free development of each one will be the premise of the free development of all” (Manifesto of the Communist Party).