The internet behaves too often as a highly unorganizing factor since for the workers and militants who approach to the positions of the marxismo and the Communist Left becomes impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff among all the noise generated which makes virtually undistinguishable the various groups and small groups which one can find. Besides the possibility of the page being controlled, inspected and closed off.

In this sense we do not believe our function to be taking part in a futile "aesthetic" race with which many organizations mask their absolute lack of communist programmatical content neither crowd a website by lots of texts towards which we would hold a void support, completely separated from the material fight for communism.

“The life of the party must integrate itself everywhere, always and with no exception, in an incessant effort to graft itself in the life of the masses, and also in its manifestations influenced by guidelines opposed to ours. (...) In many regions the party has now at its back a notable activity in this sense, even though it will have to face more and more deep difficulties and opposed forces, superior at least statistically. It is important to estblish that, even where this work has not yet acheived an appreciable preparation, we refuse the position according to which the small party comes down only to consist in closed circles without links with the exterior, or limited to search support in the only world of the opinions, which is for the marxist a false world as long is it not treated as a superstructure of the world of the economic conflicts, it would be wrong for the party to subdivide its local groups into closed compartments which would only be active in one of the theory fields, study, historical research, propaganda, proselitism and syndical activities, which in the spirit of our theory and of our history are absolutely inseparable, and fundamentally accessible to every single one of the comrades.”(Theses of Naples - 1965)

We consider that nothing can substitute the collective study of the marxism texts and the discussion of the fundamental issues of the course of imperialism in direct contact with the militants organized in the Party and with the vicissitudes of the physical struggle of the working class towards its reorganization.

We maintain this contact point to facilitate the reference for comrades and supporters but we are absolutely far from the intention of presenting a complete picture of the content and feature of our activity whichs is carried out necessarily multiple fiels and aspects that no website can ámbitos y aspectos que una web no puede collect.

We encourage the workers and sympathizers who read these lines to check carefully the positions exposed in this page with the classical marxist ones maintained by Marx, Engels, Lenin and the Communist Left, defenderof the integral marxism ever since 1881, and to see them not as the opinion of one or several "individuals" but as dynamical balances of crashes occurred among real forces of notable greatness and extension. We encourage all of you to contact with the Party to ask for more material, to know and understand our militant activity to organize ourselves in the struggle to bring the capitalist monster down.