In the last general meeting of the Party, dedicated to the battle of the Communist Left against the degeneration of the 3rd International, the timeline was used, which we make available to militants and sympathizers.

In this timeline, a series of synthetic facts and fundamental texts are collected, which constitute the framework for the study of the struggle of the Communist Left against the degeneration of the Communist International, as well as the causes and external manifestations of this degeneration.

In the course of only seven years after its birth in 1919, what should have been the world organization of the revolutionary proletariat and for a moment was so, completed the full parabola from an initial tactical error to a true tactical deviation ("political united front", 1921), tactical-programmatic deviation ("workers' government", "workers' and peasants' government", 1922), organizational deviation ("bolshevization", 1924) to end in a complete betrayal of communist principles with the programmatic deviation of "socialism in one country" in 1926, which culminated the process of degeneration of the International and the abandonment of the world revolution.

The lessons of the struggle of the Italian Communist Left against this degeneration are indispensable material for the resumption of the communist revolutionary movement for the overthrow of the bourgeois regime.